• Direct Investments



    Direct Investments represents the investments in private companies on which Al-Murjan Holding has a management control. Most of the direct investments take place inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Investments in Real Estate Assets



    Productive real estate assets and investment in real estate development fund.


Indirect Investments in Private Companies

Investments in private companies in which Al-Murjan Holding has no control on the management. These investments often happen outside the Kingdom and represent a starting platform for these companies to enter the Saudi market and expand their business.



These investments inside the Kingdom include


Al Khozama Management Company LTD

Al Khozama Management Company Ltd., is a property investment company. Established in 1994, it finances and develops commercial properties. Among its most important assets: Al Faisaliyah Hotel and markets in Riyadh, Al Madinah Hotel in Madinah.



Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries LTD

Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industry is a joint venture company between Al Murjan Holding and the Japanese Unicharm Corporation and started its activities in Saudi Arabia in 1992. In addition to health products, the company produces a full range of paper products including brands like Moony, Baby Joy and Sofy, and has one of the largest factories in Riyadh.



Al-Raya for Foodstuff Company

Al-Murjan Holding has participated in a consortium that has recently acquired a controlling stake in Al-Raya for Foodstuff Company Limited, a leading supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia. Al-Raya operates a fast-growing chain of 25 supermarkets across 14 cities of the western and southern regions of Saudi Arabia.



Alif Alif Media

Alif Alif Media is a specialized media company that has a local radio station as well as many local newspapers and printing houses for many of the media.



Investments Outside The Kingdom Include


Zeina Group

Zeina Group was founded in 1988, and is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of tissue-converted products in Egypt.



Sharm Dreams Company

Sharm Dreams Company for Real Estate Development was established in 1981 in Egypt. It is engaged in the real estate development in Egypt and has alliances with international hotels such as Hilton Hotel.