• Direct Investments



    Direct Investments represents the investments in private companies on which Al-Murjan Holding has a management control. Most of the direct investments take place inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Indirect Investments in Private Companies



    Investments in private companies in which Al-Murjan Holding has no management control. These investments often happen outside the Kingdom and represent a starting platform for these companies to enter the Saudi market and expand their business.


Investments in Real Estate Assets


Productive real estate assets


The investment in productive real estate assets is the least risky form of investment with the least returns. It is consisted of real estate’s leased to international companies for more than 15 years and with high returns.





Investment in real estate development fund


The investment in real estate development funds is usually less liquid from the productive assets, generating more risk but with greater returns. Therefore, this approach has been implemented in order to have a good balance between profit and risk in investments, especially in the real estate field.